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The Viola family has been producing oil since the mid 19th century. They belong to their extraordinary land in the heart of Umbria region, and they produce oil combining tradition and innovation. Our purpose is to offer to the national and international market high quality, healthy and nutritious products that represent the best of Umbria. 



Ref.: VIOLA1  Packaging: 3 Lt Tins; Ref.: VIOLA2   Packaging: 750 ml glass bottle
You look around and you wonder if it is the earth or the stone that takes care of these age-old olive trees. Plants that grow on stony calcareous soil with good drainage at about 300/400 meters above sea level; small-sized and low-yielding, they are cared for and touched only by human hands.

Brand name: extra virgin olive oil “TRADIZIONE”
Production area: S.Eraclio Foligno (Pg) ITALIA
Orchard layout: promiscuous and specialized
Average altitude: 300 to 450 meters above sea level
Soil: mainly stony
Average age of olive trees: recently planted and age-old tree
Care: hand pruning, soil treatment and organic fertili-zing
Olives varieties: indigenous varietals
Harvest time: October - November
Harvesting technique: handpicking, handcombing Pressing: continuous processing machine
Storage: close the bottle after use and keep it in a cool place, away from heat or light sources

Appearance: limpid after filtering
Density: average fluidity
Colour: green with a golden tinge
Aroma: full-bodied and richly perfumed with scent of artichoke and wild herbs
Flavour: taste is fine with notes of thistle and mint, and spicy hint of black pepper

It can be used in many recipes: for sauteed creamy pasta and rice dishes, tuna marinade, shellfish au gratin and vegetable soup. Ideal with grilled radicchio, pinzimonio, artichoke salad with parmesan slivers, meat sauce and fishfry.